Beacon Rock Research, LLC

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We are a one-of-a-kind independent investment research firm named after the largest monolith in the western hemisphere and immortalized by Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. We are devoted to the qualities associated with it: Steadfastness, adventure, and community.

Beacon Rock Research is committed to producing work that will withstand the torrential flows of contrary and fickle opinions and beliefs that all too often are incorrect. Likewise, cramped conventional wisdom often spoils natural curiosity and optimism, the attributes fundamental to learning, understanding and making the intuitive connections that help us perceive what might be around the next bend. The combination of these seemingly contradictory elements of steadfastness and adventure produce an environment of community. The investment philosophy of this community is not focused so much on specific industries as being client-centered.

Our research and website are designed to emulate these qualities, by focusing on the sole reason of research which is to educate investors. We utilize a Mediasite recorder whenever possible to help companies explain their opportunities first-hand without the filter of analysts, brokers, and the investment media. We produce research opinions in common and accessible language to reach a wider audience and impart actionable insight in a more profound way. When you visit Beacon Rock Research our goal is to help you attain an uncommonly better understanding of opportunities and risks, enhancing the possibility of timely and informed investment decisions.